Seed of Life Nurseries, Inc CSA Contract 2018

You, Member of Seed of Life CSA, hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of this agreement.

This season’s CSA will be run as a U-Pick CSA. The amount that members will be able to fulfill each week is $21 for a full share and $11 for a half share. A portion of each share helps us continue to hold monthly food drops in various places around Frederick. You will then be allowed to pick from any items on our tables to reach your dollar amount. If you exceed this amount, the overage must be paid at the time of pick up. Items that you pick from will be supplied by Seed of Life Nurseries as well as other local farms and orchards, this provides a large variety of both fruits and vegetables for our members to receive.

The Non-Refundable Cost of a Full Share (feeds approximately 4 people) Membership in the CSA is $ 670.00 for 26 weeks. A Half Share (feeds approximately 2 people) Membership in the CSA is $387.00 for 26 weeks. This cost includes packaging and handling. CSA Shares are non-refundable. Our CSA aims to help members offset some of their grocery shopping with fresh, local produce during each week of the growing season; members should not rely on CSA shares to completely supplement all of their produce needs each week as the cost of a Full Share is approximately $22 per week and the cost of a Half Share is approximately $12 per week.

We accept Visa, MC, and Discover credit cards, cash, checks, and Paypal payments. *Please note if paying by credit card, there is a 3% surcharge to pay fees associated with credit processing services* (Totals are: Full-Share $670 Half-Share $387). Shares must be paid in full by April 15, 2018.

Pick up location and time: Thursdays at Lake Linganore Farmers Market from 4pm to 7pm, Fridays at G.R.A.C.E Farmers Market at the corner of Butterfly Lane and Himes Ave from 3pm to 6pm, Sundays at 406 N Market Street from 9am to 1pm. When members choose a pickup location, we ask that they choose the location best for them for the entirety of the season. This is because enough produce is brought to each market for those who have chosen that specific pick up location. Showing up to a different location than that chosen puts the member at a risk of not receiving their entire share. Please specify which market you would like to pick up from.

When picking up produce the member shall accept all responsibility of picking up their produce each week in a timely manner. If a member fails to pick up, their produce for that week is forfeited. If a member is going to be out of town for a length of time and not able to pick up, the member should consider having a friend or relative pick up in his/her place or the share will be donated to a local family. If produce is not picked up for any reason it will be donated to a local family or food bank after the member’s designated pick up time. We reserve the right to cancel pickups any given week based on our judgment of inclement weather and/or family emergencies. If a pick up is canceled, members will still receive their produce in the form of being welcomed to pick up at an alternative location the same week as the canceled pick up, or in the form of a double portion of produce at the next pick up.

By participating in our CSA you accept the share of risks involved in farming that can occur. We do not take responsibility for any weather events that may cause the crop to not be harvestable. We are not responsible for natural events such as: Tornados, Floods, Droughts, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Lighting strikes, Swarms of Bugs or other similar events. If such events occur we may refund members up to 10% of membership fees.

Harvesting of produce should around mid-late May 2018. However, this may be delayed due to adverse weather conditions. Produce may have some imperfections as we and do not use harmful pesticides. The other local farms and orchards try to stray away from using these harmful pesticides as well. Because the produce is naturally grown it will not always look “perfect.”